VMware workstation 8 and XAMPP port conflict

Apache is the web server for XAMPP

If you are going to install VMware workstation 8 in a machine that Apache or any other web server is already running, there may be a port conflict.

Apache uses port 443 as the default port for https SSL. Port 80 is its default http port.

After installing  VMware workstation 8 , port 443 is occupied by vmware-hostd.exe
ensure it with your task manager. See How to know what application is running in my port

XAMPP is unable to start when its default ports are used by some other applications.

One solution for this problem is to change its default ports. Here we go!

* Open up httpd-ssl.conf in path2xampp\apache\conf\extra
* Look for the line Listen 443
* Change port number to anything you want. I use 4430. ex. Listen 4430.
* Replace every 443 string with 4430. Save the file.

You ‘re done.

Bingo, XAMPP runs perfectly fine if you are using previous VMware versions

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17 comments on “VMware workstation 8 and XAMPP port conflict

  1. Worked perfectly, thank you. Great, quick & easy. One note though, for newbies, do not double click on the httpd-ssl.conf file. You should right click and “open with” “notepad”. Then when open use “control + F” and type in 443. It will then bring up all the results with 443. Then just append the “0” at the end of the 443 and on the find window click next until such time that it returns no more results. SAVE THE FILE I also created a backup of the original httpd-ssl.conf and renamed it to httpd-ssl – bak.conf just in case.

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